NYC Bitcoin Week

Bitcoin Programming classes during NYC Blockchain week.
All code is simple Python.

Wednesday May 15: Digital Cash from Scratch

Justin Moon will teach you to build a mini-bitcoin in Python from scratch.

Thursday May 16: Initial Block Download

Justin Moon will teach you to connect directly to the Bitcoin network, to send and receive messages from peers, and to do initial block downloading on the first 10,000 bitcoin blocks.

Friday May 17: Hardware Wallet Hackday

On Friday we'll build a simple command-line wallet that can construct, sign and broadcast bitcoin transactions. Then we build a hardware wallet using an m5stack microcontroller and micropython, which is what Trezor uses!


Pierre Rochard

Developer of Node Launcher and Lightning Power UsersHost of Noded Bitcoin PodcastTwitter link

Justin Moon

Runs the BUIDL Bootcamp online Bitcoin programming class.Leads the Austin Bitcoin Developers meetupTwitter link

Learn to Code: Bitcoin Edition

Monday May 13th 10am-6pm at Bushwick Generator in Brooklyn$50

Digital Cash from Scratch

Become a Bitcoin developerAll code in PythonProtect your privacyStudy Bitcoin governance

Bitcoin Programming

Learn to build and use 2nd layer protocol like LightningSecure your coinsProtect your privacyStudy Bitcoin governance